Rap artist 2 Millie is from Miami, Florida who has been an established rap artist for about five years now He realized that he wanted to be an artist when he was sixteen in the tenth grade, he felt like school was not really an options, then he discovered his love for music and decided to pursue it. His first performance was at Studio 305 in Down South. In 2010 2Millie recorded his first single at his friend home studio named “Flying With The Angels”. When 2Millie first duplicated his first project he had a chance to distribute them in Miami he receive great feedback saying that he was talented and motivated him to continue to pursue his music career. When it comes to productions 2Millie does not have a particular producer that he would like to work with, he is open to work with anyone who is willing to work him. When it comes with working with someone who directs music videos no one comes to 2Millie mind now but he would like to work with anyone that brings different ideas to the table so it would be nice to work with different directors. 2Millie currently has a mixtape out named “Fuck With Me 2” which he release singles “What You Know”, Daddy Little Girl” which he also has music videos for that were released in 2014. Some musical icons that motivates him to go after his dreams is T.I and Eminem. 2Millie is getting ready for his latest project which is “Revenge Of The Left Out Kid” that is subject to release in April. He plans on touring by the end of 2015 he started working with this booking agent called Indie On The Move. At this present moment 2Millie is working on creating strip club music so the strip club djs could support him and spin his music. 2018 is looking forward to more promotional shows, creating a bigger buzz in his city and worldwide, hopes to open up for a few mainstream artist and gets featured in major magazines